When we set out to design an overshirt, we wanted to hit a balance. A shirt that was tough enough to stand up to the demands of a long-distance expedition but also one that was comfortable and looked the part at the end of the day.

The idea for the collar baffle came to Ashley on a crisp winter’s evening. Riding home without a neckscarf, the sharp wind soon cut to the bone. Turning the collar up slightly reduced the wind entering at the neck but didn’t solve the problem. It was clear that the shirt needed a tab to fasten the two sides of the collar, creating a barrier against the elements.

We worked through each detail of the shirt, tailoring them for use on the road. The key details are shown below.

Reflective Collar

A reflective fabric on the under of the collar was selected to improve visibility on the road. When the collar is turned down the edge is constructed to hide the reflective fabric, maintaining the clean lines of the shirt.

The overshirt is finished with our signature monogram rivet, subtly positioned at the back neck, under the collar.

Collar Baffle

A removable collar baffle secures the two sides of an up-turned collar, reducing wind chill when riding. When not used, this tab can be secured on the inside of shirt.


The sleeves and body are cut longer to ensure that the wrists and lower back remain covered when riding.


All of our overshirts are made from heavyweight fabrics, sourced from mills in the UK and France. Our shirts are constructed at a specialist factory on the outskirts of Porto, Portugal.