Eversholt Jacket

A motorcycle jacket should keep you warm dry and safe at all times, but more than that, it should be something you feel good wearing when not riding. Frustrated by the limited options available, over the past year we’ve been working with a specialist outerwear factory developing our answer to this problem – the Eversholt Jacket.

Made from a water resistant waxed canvas, this new take on a motorcycle jacket is fully lined with an abrasive resistant fabric called Dyneema and features removable CE approved D30 armour at the elbow, shoulder and back. The styling takes notes from clothing worn by the pioneering riders of the early 21st Century and the jacket features a number of key functional details suited for use on the road.


The CE approved D30 armour is made from a flexible composite that moulds to the body and hardens on impact. It can be easily removed, allowing the jacket to be comfortably worn from day to day when not riding.

The Eversholt Jacket is fully lined with Dyneema, an abrasive resistant fabric used by the Military and Police. Pound for pound it’s fifteen times stronger than steel and 40% stronger than Kevlar – essentially giving the rider a second skin.


The outer cotton fabric features a water-resistant dry-wax coating giving the jacket performance without looking overtly technical.

Storm Baffle

The jacket features a three-button neck baffle that secures the two sides of the collar to the placket – stopping wind entering at the neck.

The collar is faced in a corduroy making it warm and comfortable when up-turned.

Double Zip Guard

A double storm guard cocoons the zip opening – stopping wind entering the front of the jacket.

If the internal zip is left open and the buttons remain fastened, air can flow into the jacket, ideal when riding in hot climates.

Expandable Pockets

The two main pockets can be expanded. Snappers secure the billow, keeping the pocket from flapping in the wind when extra space is not needed.

The pockets are lined with a corduroy fabric giving you somewhere to warm your hands after a long ride. Storm guards on the flaps keep out the weather.

Adjustable Cuffs

The cuff can be adjusted using a heavy zip, allowing the sleeve to be tightened – reducing wind entering the jacket at the wrist. The gusset is constructed in a corduroy fabric for warmth and comfort.

Easy To Open

Large horn buttons fasten to 14 ounce cotton twill tabs, making the jacket easy to open whilst wearing gloves. A detail referencing naval deck jackets from the Thirties and Forties.

Triple-Stitched Seams

The external seams are triple stitched using a heavyweight thread. This is the strongest seam construction possible, one that is traditionally used in workwear and military clothing.

Document Pocket

Two internal chest pockets keep essential documents secure and away from any weather. The contrasting texture of the corduroy was chosen to make it easy to feel for the opening when wearing a helmet.


We will be launching the Eversholt Jacket at the beginning of next year in plenty of time for your first ride in spring. Please share with anyone you think may be interested.