Chris Davies

27.08.19 | UK


Warmer than it looks and full of thoughtful details. Great for summer riding / as a layer in colder months.


Peter J Howard

21.08.19 | @pedrocinq


The only downside here is that it's too warm to wear casually; unless you're out riding or camping in spring or autumn. It's like really really warm. Which is a shame in some ways as it's gorgeous. I love the colour, pale blue in my case - which is a pig to keep clean, especially on me. But under my over-shirt with a merino base layer and I'm super warm, even on cool mornings. Fit is naturally snug, and this makes getting it off a challenge with the chest liner material seemingly limiting the flex in the fabric. A small price to pay if you plan on being out all day in it which I invariably am. It worked beautifully on a long weekend away, covers several bases and negated the need to carry a sweater in my bag. As usual, lovely quality and style all combined with a healthy dose of practicality.


Johann Euringer



The quality and style of this sweatshirt is excellent, such as other products of Ashley. Very well thought-out in regard to being used for riding your motorcycle.


Richard Bonnici



Warm and windproof sweatshirt that looks very smart and has plenty of length on both body and arms for me (6ft 2”) whilst remaining well fitting around the body.