Found : Marco Kesseler


Introducing our new photographic series Found. We’re asking people to dig into their archives and uncover photographs from past trips that would otherwise be gathering dust. Here we share their stories.


To kick things off; good friend + photographer Marco Kesseler has found these three images to share.

Where + when did you take these pictures?
These photos were taken a few years ago, while I was living out in Greece helping to care for my grandmother and continuing part of an ongoing personal photography project in between.

What brought you to this part of the world?
My family are from Corfu, one of Greece’s larger islands, which has a really varied landscape of steep mountains climbing out from the clear waters, plains, marshes and sand dunes. Main routes around the island wind along the hillsides hugging the coast while gravel tracks intersect the landscape between remote villages - probably partly why there's a big culture of riding bikes, tuning cars and exploring off the beaten track from a young age. Abandoned and written off bikes get taken apart and made into new projects on a budget.

Could you tell us the story of these photographs?
These were taken at the end of the dry, hot summer months before the heavy rains of winter. For a short time each year the lake near my house dries out with wildlife migrating to wetter places. The space is transformed into dusty bowl - the perfect circuit where my neighbours and other groups of friends come together to ride and share stories as the sun goes down.

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If you’re ever looking through pictures from past trips and find anything you’d like to share - please let us know. It could be one image, it could be three - we’re always interested to see.

Ashley Watson