What to take on a Motorcycle Trip?


Over the past few years, we’ve been fine-tuning what’s been going into our bags - keeping track of what we've needed and what we could've done without. Over time, this list has become the starting point for many of our trips. As such, we thought it might be of use to others and so wanted to share it. We’re not saying this is gospel, in fact, we’d like to hope that by putting this out, those of you who have learnt any tricks will get in touch so that this kit list can continue to improve.

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The Motorcycle Expedition Kit List


Riding Gear

  1. Helmet
  2. Armoured, Waterproof Jacket
  3. Armoured Trousers
  4. Lightweight Armoured Top
  5. Windproof Sub-Layer
  6. Boots
  7. Gloves x2 (so you have a dry pair to hand)
  8. Earplugs (+ spares)
  9. Neck Baffle
  10. Waterproof Trousers
  11. Sunglasses

General Clothing

  1. Jeans
  2. Overshirt
  3. Warm Jumper
  4. T-Shirts
  5. Shorts
  6. Thermals
  7. Woollen Hat
  8. Lightweight Footwear
  9. Swim Shorts
  10. Underwear
  11. Socks

Tool Roll

  1. Breakdown Cover
  2. Spanners
  3. Screwdrivers
  4. Allen Keys
  5. Long Nose Pliers
  6. Mole Grips 
  7. Cable Ties
  8. Chain Oil
  9. Engine Oil
  10. Small Can of WD40 (or other water repellant)
  11. Tyre Levers
  12. Spare Inner Tubes + Repair Kit  or  Tubeless Repair Kit
  13. Spoke Key
  14. Quicksteel (for cracked sump)
  15. Clutch + Break Leavers (in case you drop the bike)
  16. Spare Clutch + Throttle Cables
  17. Cable Repair Kit
  18. Lenth of Hose (for syphoning fuel)
  19. Superglue (for fuel leaks)
  20. Electrical Tape
  21. Spare Bulbs
  22. 2ft of Electrical Wire
  23. Spare Fuses
  24. Electrical Connectors


  1. Camp Stove
  2. Fuel 
  3. Lighter / Fire Steel
  4. Pans
  5. Plates
  6. Mugs
  7. Cutlery
  8. Sharp Knife
  9. Water Bottle 
  10. Chopping Board
  11. Peeler
  12. Can Opener
  13. Bottle Opener
  14. Small Sieve (to filter coffee)
  15. Oil
  16. Salt
  17. Pepper
  18. Dried Herbs
  19. Washing-up Liquid
  20. Scrubber 
  21. Tea Towels


  1. Shampoo
  2. Pine Tar Soap (helps relieve insect bites)
  3. Toothbrush + Paste
  4. Deodorant
  5. Mosquito Spray
  6. Suncream
  7. Pain Killers
  8. Pain Relief Gel (for aching neck / back)
  9. Basic FirstAid Kit
  10. Nail Scissors
  11. Travel Wash 
  12. Needle + Thread


  1. Tent
  2. Pillow
  3. Sleeping Bag
  4. Roll Mat
  5. Camp Chair
  6. Bush Knife
  7. Paracord
  8. Compass
  9. Luggage Straps
  10. Microfibre Towel
  11. Bike Lock
  12. Hip Flask for Whiskey


  1. Passport
  2. Maps
  3. Map Case (+ net to strap to tank)
  4. Cash
  5. Driving Licence
  6. E111 Card
  7. Spare Bank Card (stored separately from wallet)
  8. Travel Insurance Detail
  9. Visas (if needed)


  1. Phone + Charger
  2. Camera + Charger
  3. Spare Camera Battery
  4. Spare Memory Cards
  5. Headphones
  6. 12v USB Power Adaptor 
  7. Headtorch
  8. Electric Lantern
  9. Spare Batteries


This kit list is a starting point – you will need to measure your plans against what you pack. If you don’t think you'll camp, you won’t need a tent. Consider how long you’ll be away, the distances you’ll cover, how remote you will be and the climates you'll encounter.

The tools we’ve listed will get you out of most situations but, only if you know how to use them. Before setting off, it’s worth understanding the sorts of terrain you’ll pass through and how they will affect your bike. An evening or two spent mastering the basics at home will pay dividends by the roadside.

For those less mechanically minded - don't let a lack of knowledge stop you carrying a tool roll. If you break down and don’t know how to fix a problem, someone you meet might. Having the right spanner to hand will make this a lot easier. Nearly everyone who’s been on a motorcycle trip has a story of how someone helped them out of a tricky spot. Were all in it together and that’s the way it should be.


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