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The Works Collection is reserved for our most functional and technical products. Everything you need to ride a motorcycle, expressed in its purest form, without compromise. Each item must work hard to earn its place. If a product sits in the bottom drawer between trips, it has failed. Engineered for use on and off the bike, the Works Collection epitomises what we believe is the pinnacle of motorcycle clothing.


Eversholt Jacket


The Eversholt Jacket is fully lined with Dyneema®, an abrasive resistant fabric that’s fifteen times stronger than Steel. Removable CE approved D3O® Armour at the elbow, shoulder and back offer high performance impact protection when on two wheels.

Made in England, the outer shell is constructed from an 8oz Waxed Canvas. Behind this sits a seam sealed drop liner that's both waterproof & breathable. Coupled with storm guards at the neck and cuff, this makes the Eversholt Jacket fully waterproof. We believe this is a new direction for motorcycle clothing.


Hockliffe Overshirt


The Hockliffe Overshirt offers impact protection in the form of removable CE approved D30 Armour at the elbow, shoulder and back. The arms are reinforced with panels of Dyneema, an abrasive resistant fabric that’s fifteen times stronger than Steel.

Made in England, the heavyweight outer shell is sealed with a concealed Aquaguard zip. This works in conjunction with a removable collar-tab that closes the neck, reducing wind chill when on two wheels. For colder days, adjustable cuffs allow the sleeves to be tightened to retain heat. Side entry chest pockets allow for easy access. The arms and body are cut longer to keep wrists and the lower back covered.


Cardington Baselayer


The Cardington Sweatshirt is designed to be the first item of clothing you reach for when heading out for a ride. Made in England, a bespoke, extremely dense 400g/m² interlock jersey has been engineered to trap heat and reduce wind-chill. This is paired with a 100% windproof panel that lines the front of the garment - making it the perfect thermal sub-layer.

A grip-tape around the hem stops the garment riding-up when reaching for the bars. The sleeves are cut long and tight to seal the void between jacket and glove. To stand up to rigorous use, a long-staple, Star Supima Cotton was sourced - produced by the first mill to spin cotton in the UK for fifty years. Twice as strong as regular cotton the fibre adds stability, maintaining the fabrics effectiveness and garment shape trip, after trip, after trip. A buttoned chest pocket keeps essential documents secure.


Orkney Baffle


The Orkney Baffle is designed to seal the gap between jacket and helmet. To achieve a seamless construction for maximum comfort when worn under a helmet, we worked with a 1962 Wildt Mellor Bromley RTR twelve inch circular knitting machine. Of the three thousand produced, only thirty are still at work in the UK. It took six months and ten prototypes to fine-tune the stitch density, retention and panel construction.

Made in England, the baffle features split panels at the front and back that tuck-in to secure the lower section  - ensuring there are no exposed areas and that the baffle doesn’t lift when riding. For the best thermal properties, we choose an Italian Merino - the hollow fibre allowing the yarn to trap and regulate heat in hot and cold conditions alike.